Pork Butt – It’s Sooo Good! And It’s Easy.

Pulled Pork

It’s not often that my wife asks me to cook up Barbeque – so when she does – I jump.

Her request? 2 Pork Butts (16lbs). Some to be taken to her son’s house to feed him, his wife, their two year old and a brand new baby girl just over a month out of the oven. (She’s totally cute and likes me a lot. – I think.)

The rest to be put on ice and transported to family members at Bandelier National Monument and Cottonwood, Arizona.

So far the reviews have been stellar. And I beg them to be brutally honest. But you know family. They’ll always say it great.

The pulled pork turned out quite good. So I’d thought I’d share my methodology – especially with you Backyard BBQ Chefs who may be new to this amazing world of Barbeque! So here goes.

First I got my 22.5 WSM prepped and ready for the cook.

Then, since I was cooking 2 alb Pork Butts, I filled the charcoal ring with Kingsford Briquettes. Then I lit a full chimney of the same and waited for the coals to glow.

Meanwhile, I rubbed the Butts with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sprinkled a liberal amount of Team Sweet Mama’s Kansas City Style Rub on all parts of the Pork. (Team Sweet Mama’s Rub is available through Savory Spice Stores. Here’s the link if you’re interested in trying it. http://www.savoryspiceshop.com/blends/swtmakansas.html

When the chimney coals were  glowing I spread them on top of the unlit coals in the charcoal ring and assembled the WSM. I foil lined the water pan and filled it with 1.5 gallons of hot water. (Many people don’t fill the water pan or don’t even use it at all. My philosophy is, if Weber designed it that way, I’m going to use it. I think it results in a nice moist product.)

I then hooked up my PitmasterIQ-110 Controller and set it to 275*. I popped on the lid and we were off and cooking.


The PitmasterIQ-110 Controller is available at http://www.pitmasteriq.com. I hate their slogan – “Blow Your Pit” but their controllers are awesome and truly take the worry out of watching the WSM and adjusting the vents. I admit that can be fun – but the IQ-110 is a terrific product. You’ll love it. They also have a new controller the IQ120. Check them out.

Once everything was in place and the WSM was doing it’s thing, I put the Butts on (Fat Cap Up) and added about 7-8 chunks of wood. Half Hickory. Half Pecan.

One of the most important steps in cooking great BBQ is to leave things alone and let the fire and wood do what they do. With Pork Butts, I’ll not open the lid until at lest 3 hours into the cook. If the rub is set – I’ll start the spritzing process. I use a spray bottle with half apple juice and half apple cider vinegar. You’ll want to avoid spritzing until the rub is set. Otherwise, you’ll wash all that wonderful seasoning off the butt and into the water pan.

I’ll then spritz the butts liberally each 60-90 minutes until I notice the fat cap splitting.

Once I see that, I’ll remove th butts from the WSM and double-wrap them in heavy duty foil. Before sealing them up, I spritz again and really get them wet. Them, I’ll wrap tightly and back on the WSM until they reach 195-200.

You can pull the Pork Butts off at 185-190, but I find leaving then until 200 or even 205 turns out a product that simply falls apart and shreds with tongs.

Once the butts come off I’ll let them rest for 30-45 minutes on the foil, but with the foil open. At this point I don’t want the Butts to continue cooking. Which they will do if you leave the foil wrapped and put them in a cooler.

That way works, but I prefer to let them rest out in the open.


Once the pork is pulled I add a good sprinkle of Team Sweet Mama’s Rub and a light drizzle of Head Country BBQ Sauce. I prefer the Hickory. They also have Original and Hot. All their sauces are terrific. You can find them in stores or go to https://www.headcountry.com.

Well after all this it’s chow time. I like my pulled pork topped with my homemade cole slaw and a little Head Country Hickory BBQ Sauce. It’s heavenly.

This BBQ method I’ve written about is exactly how Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue does his pork butt. Next time I’m going to forgo the foiling process. I find with my WSM, I don’t need to use foil. You can use foil if you like. It’s your party. But cooking until done without foil results in a better bark that adds a nice texture to the finished product.

Back to my wife – she likes me to set some of the pork butt aside before I add rub and BBQ Sauce. She also makes an incredible Mango Salsa and Guacamole Dip. We often use these to serve Pulled Pork Tacos with Mango Salsa. It’s incredible.

More on that next time. Until then – I wish you blessings and amazing Barbeque!

Feel free to contact me anytime at frank@bbqchefs.us.

(I am not compensated in any way for the products mentioned above. Yet!)

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