Mar. 26, 2015 – Pork Butts on The 22.5 Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker

Weather: Clear Skies: Outdoor Temp 38*. Expected high temp of 60*.

2 – Pork Butts 7-8 lbs each.

7:00am… Started the fire by lighting a full chimney of coals. Disassembled the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker (WSM) and cleaned out the ashes. Put Charcoal grate back in and added a full ring of charcoal.

7:30am Poured full chimney of lit coals on top of full charcoal ring of Kingsford Briquettes. All vents 100% open.

Assembled the WSM and added 1 gallon of water to foiled water pan.
Rinsed the Butts and Dried w/Paper Towels
Coated the Butts w/Canola Oil and then added a medium dusting of Savory Spice Native Texan BBQ Rub.

8am: WSM Temp 220*. Pork Butts On the cooker.

Added about 8-9 Wood Chunks. Combo of Hickory & Pecan.

Cooker temp dropped to 200* which is to be expected as I just put about 16 lbs of Pork Butts in the WSM.

8:30am. WSM temp 225*.

9:00am. Dome Temp 225*. Grate Temp 260*. Close all bottom vents to 50%. Top vent 100% open.

9:45am: Dome Temp 220* Grate Temp: 275* (Closed Top Vent to 50%) All vents now at 50%

image  image

By 3pm the Butts were at 200* (And I’m at 5300′ above sea level here in Boulder, Colorado.) I pulled them off and let them rest about 2 hours in my Cambro.

Made my own Cole Slaw and served the pulled pork on seeded buns with Head Country BBQ Sauce. The rub I used was “Native Texan” available at Savory Spice Shops. And no, I don’t get paid by these aforementioned companies. (Though I think I should 😉) I just really like their products.

IMHO – Pulled pork tastes better the next day. (Like Lasagna.) And it freezes and re-heats very well.

I used a combination or hickory & pecan chunks and spritzed liberally with apple juice every 90 mins or so. Sorry, there aren’t more pictures. We ate it too fast. 😄

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